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Most technology firms think innovation means tinkering with CRM... we're different.

For Recruiters

We give your team the entire market at their fingertips, on demand. They can focus on being the best version of themselves - forming better relationships, completing more mandates, and generating more revenue than ever before.

For Hiring Firms

What if you could benchmark teams against competitors and effortlessly identify the candidates you actually want to interview? We help talent teams transform their approach to hiring ensuring the best possible hires and the highest ROI.

Get an overview of your market at a glance. Track latest moves, growth and general industry hiring trends.


The best human capital data set available giving you complete visibility of the talent you need. Use our search tools and filters or export to your own CRM at will.


See the broader talent market and assess firms by business lines and geographies.


Build longlists and deploy our AI to suggest candidates you might have missed. Collaborate with colleagues directly on the platform from inception to offer.


Understand the composition of the entire market across professional experience, diversity, and education to inform hiring strategy and talent identification.

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Focus more on what matters to your business.

The Qneiform platform providesa complete view of the talentlandscape in real time. Seeeverything, not just your teamLaunch, fundraise, or key move promptsopportunityFilter through the entirecandidate pool with targetlists built in secondsAdditionalprofilessuggestedInterviewsand hireTeam analysed forfuture departures orstrategic needsPersonalisedanalytics andnotifications allowyou to identify needsand opportunities asthey emerge.Instantantly completeresearch phase withunmatched confidence.Our AI means you don’tmiss similar candidatesin tangential fields.Interview and hiringdecisions are mucheasier when you knowall the right candidateshave been considered.Decision makers canact with conviction. The Qneiform platformprovides a complete view ofthe talent landscape in realtime. See everything, not justyour teamLaunch, fundraise, or key move promptsopportunityFilter throughthe entirecandidate poolwith target listsbuilt in secondsAdditionalprofilessuggestedInterviewsand hireTeam analysed forfuture departures orstrategic needs

See how Qneiform can transform your approach to talent.

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